Given its proximity to the International Date Line, Gisborne is the first city in the world to see the light of each new day. For once, we’re ahead of schedule!
The view of Gisborne and Poverty Bay from Whataupoko Park
Poverty Bay
Downtown Gizzy
Dining next to the marina at sunset doesn’t get much better than this. Most of the restaurant’s staff stepped outside for this one.
Sunset Molly
On Molly’s first solo drive to work, she got pulled over for speeding less than two¬†minutes into her drive. Thankfully the Gizzy police let her off with just a stern warning.
Where we grocery shop. PAK’nSAVE (the day)
The view inside PAK’nSave. We obviously missed the memo that shoes are out of style. Molly is not okay with this.
Meet Bryan, who travelled on a bus from Key West to the Texas State Fair in Dallas. The whole trip he sat next to a guy with a cardboard box full of ferrets. #Merica
Graffiti artists in Gisborne use eucalyptus bark instead of spray paint. Nice tag, Aunt Skye.
Decisions…decisions… Forget it…we’ll take one of each.
There are moments in life that overwhelm us. Most often, stress, anxiety, grief, or pain are the culprit, but every once in a while, it’s life’s simplest and most peaceful moments that do us in. This was one of those moments for me. What a joy it is to live life with this girl by my side. Her grit, adventurous spirit, and kind heart inspire me to be better each day. Like I said, I’m the lucky one.