Few things make me happier than finding new trails to explore. I thoroughly enjoyed this jaunt on a crystal clear morning at Mt. Eden Domain, an extinct volcano crater turned park. I still got hops yo.
View from Mt. Eden Domain
Clay discovered this lovely beach across the bridge from Auckland City in a town called Takapuna. Lorde, the singer, grew up in Takapuna. Clay sat in the grass here and patiently waited while I got something of the utmost importance done: my roots colored.
“Clay. Stop taking pictures of me. I know you can hear me. Stop.”
Smiles, sun, and a nice 5 o’clock shadow. “I like!” -Borat
Sky Tower. Clay standing on the glass. I did not do this. I put a toe on it and bounced back at the feeling of my innards hitting my feet. I heard two German girls (most likely on their “gap” year pre-university) exclaim, “Scheisse!” at the height. Also, some tourist in the crowd here let a silent but deadly toot slip. It was almost unbearable. I was looking for Kali to shamelessly claim it, but she was no where to be found.
View from da top!
Trying to non-chalantly not breathe in the stank that someone expelled.
Clay took this beautiful photo from our hotel room. It is looking out on my favorite area of Auckland…Ponsonby. Reminds me a lot of San Francisco. Amazing shops, restaurants, and cute homes in the hilly Ponsonby neighborhood. I will hook you up with the names of those restaurants, Bailey and Morgan!
Kelly Lopez Martin, this one is for you! Doesn’t the building behind Clay look like it belongs in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade?? We should be inside there now, drinking butterbeer next to a crackling fire, while chatting and perusing The Daily Prophet.


Walking back from Cafe Cezanne…cool little place in Ponsonby. We sat there for hours and wrote our Christmas thank you notes. It was a bit “fresh” that day! In New Zealand, when it’s windy and a bit chilly, one says, “Oooohhhh, it’s a bit fresh today, isn’t it?”
Enormous flowers in Auckland!
Best sign ever.
Someone please buy Clay a selfie stick.