About Us

We’re a couple o’ 30 year olds who met back in human anatomy class our senior year of high school. I liked how he made me laugh. Conversation always came easy, and I really liked how he was always fixing everyone’s computer. Who doesn’t love a man that can fix things? I quite liked his squinty eyes and smile too. Anyway, gag, here we are, twelve years later, married for over 7 of ’em. He’s the rock, I’m the roll. He’s the steady, I’m a storm. I’m a dreamer, he’s a doer. Not sure why he puts up with me…I think he likes a good challenge, and I keep things, um…interesting? Is that the word? I don’t know. But I think it’s safe to say we’re enjoying the roller coaster called life, together.

Coming to live in this beautiful place is a dream we’ve have both had since we met many moons ago. We decided now was the perfect time to do it, or it was just not going to happen. You regret the things you don’t do, not the things you do. Do it baby.